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there is no reason for him to have a bandage around his head here

but i imagine he put it on himself

he probably had a headache for the first time and had no idea what it was or how to fix it


It’s ok Noiz, fandom hit its head and forgot the previous ep too. (And so did the animators since Noiz’s blood disappeared at the end of his ep eey.) Pic source.

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I think the most important question every single self proclaimed Mink hater (i.e. tags mink hate, badgers those who like them, uses the phrase ‘rape apologist’ a lot, you get the drift) should ask themselves is this: would you still feel such resentment towards Mink if he had lighter skin (or looked white) and was more conventionally attractive?

Basically, if Mink looked more like this:



and less like this:





would your feelings towards him be any different?

I do want to talk about this a bit, because while I’m a Mink fan myself, I have some big problems with how the narrative treats Mink and how that juxtaposes and affects how DMMD fandom generally treats Mink. I don’t disagree with OPs point, but I think there’s more to the issue than how it’s being presented here. So, a couple points of address.

1. Fandom carrying and expanding upon the racist treatment of Mink is absolutely a Thing, and while there is certainly a contingent of fans whose dislike of Mink is tinged with racism, it’s important to note that the narrative of DMMD itself presents Mink in such a way that is exploitative and racist. Please see the Magical Native American trope for more, although do note that ‘positive discrimination’ is a misnomer and that this narrative is a manifestation of the tendency to expand upon non-white individuals as ‘the other’ in a way that’s (more or less) socially acceptable. Of all the problems in Mink’s storyline, this is one I find the hardest to forgive. harukami once poised the theory to me that the existence of Mink’s so-called “mystical native ability” (ie, the whole thing about him and his people having the power to manipulate humans through the power of smell) has almost zero evidence of existing within the game itself outside of the fact that Mink smells like cinnamon. We only have Toue’s word on it, and if you consider the source, consider the idea that Mink never displays powers like these at all, consider the fact that Toue being a racist scumbag is totally plausible, it’s a pretty legitimate theory. However, it can only remain a theory because the game never confirms it one way or another—and that is another flaw in the storyline, a flaw that gives those racist implications a place to live and fester and be expanded upon in fandom.

2. On the subject of racist tropes, let’s talk about the fact that the only character in the game whose route involves violent, brutal, abusive rape is the character with dark skin. How often do you see men of color, especially men with brown and black skin, associated with violence and brutality in mainstream media? All the fucking time*. Even if you look at Mink’s storyline and can appreciate the nuances of his character, of Aoba’s decisions, of the character development that occurs, of the way that the re:connect route establishes an environment of honesty, consent, respect, and Aoba exercising his agency—the fact that the writers of DMMD felt that making the dark-skinned character a violent rapist is a shitty, racist decision. Yes, even if other characters like ViTri (and even Koujaku) commit the same crimes; DMMD doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It was a conscious decision to associate Mink’s character design and route development with these racist tropes, and that is a huge problem. That is worth criticizing and calling out, whether you’re a fan of Mink or not.

3. If you dislike Mink for any reason, that’s your prerogative. But don’t pretend that the existence of Mink, a dark-skinned character with a rapist narrative, is free from the unfortunate implications that come with it. They don’t get to be fully separate issues. They are connected. I enjoy Mink, and I enjoy Mink’s route, but I don’t get to pretend that Mink isn’t a problematic character. I definitely don’t get to pretend that the racism towards Mink was created solely by fandom, although fandom most definitely encourages and expands upon it; it has always been there, since the beginning of Mink’s character creation.

And I wish fandom would acknowledge that a little more.

* As a side note, if you’re wondering if this racist treatment towards dark-skinned individuals is a Eurocentric phenomenon that has no bearing in East Asia due to the fact that the majority of the East Asian population is non-white, it isn’t.

brostiality's comments here are important, please read.

Separating yourself from the rest of your fandom.




I can’t tell if I’m Chris or Andy.





Octopus-Inspired Design Ideas

I require all of these.

My design aesthetic is tentacles. Tentacles everywhere.

thezombiemessia lookit

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Episode 9 - The “I wasn’t ready” Game vs. Anime comparison, alternatively called the big “Fuck You” comparison.

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Episode 9 - More like CleAo all over the place

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i cant believe aoba fixed clear right there

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Aw, look at Clear!


He’s so cute and happy because his master accepted him


Ah man, that face is just too adorable - he looks so happy and just at peace you know?


Look at this precious jellyfish! He’s so happy and I’m so happy because he’s so happy, we’re all happy her-


….oh no




nononoononnoonnnononnoo nuh huh, no, nein, nada, NO






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Here it is! 

The idea for this AMV came from two good friends of mine from college. They posted the song on my wall and demanded I make a video with it. After fighting off a few other editors I decided that this would be my Otakon 2014 video. I spent most of the final months of school discussing this AMV with Emily and Jessica, and what ships would be hilarious. It was Jessica who originally stumbled on the idea of Edward Elric and Eren Jaeger - and I ran with it. 

After I finished Anime 101 I had a lot of constructive feedback from the editing community about my technicals. Mostly about my color correction. So when I started this video I had two goals in mind : Finish in time for Otakon and improve on the things people usually harped on me about. Overall I think this video is the cleanest of all my comedies. This is the direction I want to move my editing in. 

I was really overwhelmed by the positive feedback I received at Otakon. The audience reaction was by far one of the best I have ever gotten, and many people approached me after my panels, the contest and Iron Editor to talk about how much they loved the video and how they were huge fans of my work. I was really touched by this - I love hearing that I inspired people — So Thank you! 

Download should be available on the org soon (as in tomorrow) Keep an eye on my tumblr for more images and fun things to come in the next few weeks. I am currently out of town so need to wait until I get back to my computer.


00:05 - This scene is from Oreimo. I added Haruhi and the posters. If you .look closely you can see pictures of the lead from Oreimo on the wall. 

00:07 -   Some of the characters names have been changed to hilarious alternatives. 

00:09 - Not all the netflix choices are aniome. Included are Sherlock (SherxWatson is one of my favorite secret crack pairings) Paranorman (My favorite animated movie) and they Aristocats (Another of my favs). My Little Pony is seen too, as that show is so ship crazy. The Netflix categories have also been changed to ship related names. 

00:10 - It’s not 3am

00:13 - I drew this fanart. It took me a few days and consumed a fair amount of my editing time. For a while I was convinced I wouldn’t finish on time, and that this picture would be to blame.  I also at one point realized that I was drawing soft core porn of less than legal adults. Whooops. 

00:14 It had to get cut off for compositions sake so here is the whole fan fiction. I wrote this (with some help) I wanted to make it a good sort of awful.

"Eren stared at Ed’s long silky hair. Something in him yearned to run his fingers through it, to tangle himself in the alchemist’s tresses as if they were the cords of his 3DMG. He jerked his gaze away, staring down at his uniform. 
"So…I heard they call you a dog of the military…" Eren said carefully, trying to break the silence.
Ed chuckled knowingly. “Yea, they do say that. But I think you’re more of a dog than I am.” He moved closer, brushing Eren’s ear. “And I’m gonna show you what this automail arm can do…”
Shivering, Eren let Ed’s arm trail across his own. “But what if Levi finds out?” 
Ed smirked, “That clean freak? He can join in to for all I care.” The alchemist placed his finger under Eren’s chin and made the dark haired boy look at him. “Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Titans, humonculi, or even the end of the world. So for tonight let me show you why they call me ‘FullMetal’.”
Eren gasped as Ed found him, his eyes closing from the odd sensation of automail on flesh. 
“They don’t call you titan for nothing” Ed smiled. Eren couldn’t reply, the sensations coming from his Colossal Titan were too great. He felt Edwards other hand, guiding his own to find the alchemist’s own transmutation. 
“Ah yes” Edward sighed, “Now that’s what I call equivalent exchange.”

00:16 I redrew most of haruhi’s face here so it would work with what she was doing. In the anime she just looks stern. 

00:22 - 00:23 This scene is covered with credits in the original show. I really wanted to use it though, so I had to paint over a lot of the haruhi mask. 

00:23 Titanic Jokes appear 3 times in this AMV. Can you find them all. I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP. 

00:29 Originally a lot of this was screen captures. However because of legal reasons for Otakon I had to change a lot of the website names. So I made my own search bar. 

00:30 - 00:44 TUMBLR
All the websites seen in this AMV were hand made by me in photoshop and then edited in AE. It was the only way to get the effect I wanted. I had a lot of fun studying the sites and then creating motion graphics to emulate them. 

A lot of inside jokes can be found here. I will upload the tumblr stills at one point so they can all be read, but if you are easter egg hunting all the posts have unique tags. I picked animation related material from my own tumblr favs to fill in the inbetween spaces. 

Several of the posts also have comments. Mainly by sketcherz (On of my friends this AMV is dedicated to saying her token line - all day every day) and CecilxCarlos4eva (My other friend who absolutely loves this Nightvale crack ship.) 

00:53 Here Kyon is looking at a screen labled the Canon Cannon. It shows Light Yagami and Misa. 

00:55 Screen says Engage Shipping Beam 

00:56 Bunch of little jokes here. Reddit Topics read

VIvifxAMV Makes new Comedy - No one is surprised
Ed and Eren both have Dead Moms and lack limbs Ship it. 
I got that Ice Cold Water. ANd it’s only one doller (Otakon Reference) 
Class for Anime Charactrers (Anime 101 Reference) 

00:57The Bar on the side of Imgur shows several other modified screencaps and where to find them in the AMV 

01:00 Total reference to this video :

01:06 Get it. It’s funny cause it sank. 

01:10 - Lots of silly crack pairings can be seen here, Try to figure out the logic behind them. 

01:16 - This is actually my favorite crack ship of all time. I just want Shinji to end up with that sexy angel. 

01:20 Looots of 4chan post silliness 

1:23 Pretty much what you find on google images if you search HaruxRin 

1:26 Some of the side images here are pretty silly and very inside jokey. Some people refer to me as VixenAMV as a joke that with Anime 101. When the AMV Dissociation (Made by the fabulous irriadin) was released everyone thought the french editor StickyGaiden made it so theres that. The rest are some pretty hilarious pictures I found when I searched crack ships. The artist for the Trunks/Poco one is the username under it. 

1:36 Probably gonna have to release the images here for all the jokes to be read. The folder on the left is my actual project folder. 

1:45 Gonna release the twitter images too. But man, that lelouch post. 

1:54 Some really funny top searches on google there…lemme tell you. Spelling error is actually on purpose. Have you read those fan fics? 

1:58 - Some silly movie posters in the background.That bg you ask? It’s from Anime 101

1:59 Really silly but I’ve used this mask in 3 AMVs at this point. If you can name them good job. I just change the books she is holding each time. 

2:03 - The geass here is hand animated by me. It;s about 12 frames and was relitively fun to do. I always thought this clip would be perfect for it - so I am glad I got to use it,. 

2:06 : Covering up CC with a Dakimura. NAILED IT. 

2:09 This idea was given to me by the hilarious drewaconcluision. I am glad I ran with it. It got a really great reaction from live audiences. 

2:12 That flyer though. Very misleading.